Sunday, January 22, 2012

dance + dig deep (and delete)

Great weekend of dance and volleyball! We're were all over the place but somehow to manage to be there for both of our girls.

Saturday T had a dance competition at Spain Park HS. This is a HUGE state-wide event and Spain Park's basketball gym doesn't hold a lot so you have to get there pretty early to secure your seat. T & Tins competed in the solo division and both girls placed (T was 8th, Tins was 7th; last week it was opposite. T finished slightly ahead of Tins.). Very proud of both girls! Seven seniors on the Buccanettes and they were the only two to step up to the plate. T loves to set goals and push herself. She welcomes competition and isn't afraid to put herself out there (whether it's dance, lacrosse, a pageant, whatever.). Tins's dance was very elegant and graceful, T's was a bit more contemporary and energetic. The Bnettes totally rocked their hip-hop dance and their jazz routine was the best I had ever seen them perform it.

Meanwhile, Cosmo & KJ were headed to Montgomery for KJ's first volleyball tournament. Her team did great and finished 3rd overall. I left Spain Park and hauled ass to get down to Montgomery and although I missed her 2:30 PM games, I was still able to catch her 4:30 games and her 7:30 games Saturday night. Saturday night she was the clean-up server. We were behind by a bunch, they put her in and she finished off the game and we won! All the parents thanked her after the game because if we had lost, we would have played at 8 AM on Sunday instead of 9 AM. Sunday was single elimination. They played at 9 AM and 10 AM and as soon as they lost that last game we were able to leave. We went out to lunch afterward at Wintzell's with a couple of the other girls and their mom's. It was a very nice weekend because we also got to visit with some of our friends on other teams and we all watched each other's games and cheered the girls on.

We can't escape lacrosse however. In between games Saturday evening, we were in the lobby heading up to our room at the Renaissance when a guy in a tux runs over to Cosmo yelling "Coach! Hey Coach!" It was a Mt Brook parent there for a wedding. His son plays on BamaLax. Then, Saturday night we went to dinner at SaZa's and ran into one of Cosmo's mens lax teammates and his wife.

So last week I had decided I had had just about enough of the negative, obnoxious, judgemental, sanctimonious comments on Facebook and decided to delete my account. It was a hard decision to make because I love keeping in touch with friends and family (especially since we are so far away from our loved ones!). Holy Cow was my family mad at me! Last night Cosmo, T & KJ all told me how disappointed they were that I had deleted my account. When I explained further, they all agreed that I should just de-friend some people (which I think is just awkward and uncomfortable) and I should just totally and completely block others. My 12-year old actually looked at me and said, "Mom. When you deleted your account, you let those idiots win."

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