Sunday, January 1, 2012

First Post of 2012

Definitely not our most exciting New Year's Eve but still nice nonetheless. Both of the girls were at parties and Cosmo & I decided to stay in this year and relax. Good decision. We slept in a little this morning and I have really enjoyed my couple of days off. Both trees are still up but most of my dishes and the rest of the decor has been put away. The mantel is back to normal and so is the kitchen.

Still need to do the tutorial on my new camera and fool around with my photos. My lap top has pooped out on me and so has my phone. Very weird . . . my Nook & KJ's Kindle are working, everyone else's phones are working and obviously so is the Internet here at the house.

T, Cosmo & I sat down this afternoon and coordinated our calendars. Between lacrosse season, travel volleyball and other commitments (two dance competitions and one charity event, a lacrosse fund-raiser, Beauty Walk, Chicago, Spring Break, etc.), we are booked solid from now until graduation. Lacrosse is a MAJOR commitment for Cosmo and takes up so much of our lives. The minute the regular season ends they go right into all-stars/travel season for two months. I am a lacrosse widow most of the year. The boys start practicing next week and will go until May. KJ has decided she can't handle both lax and volleyball this year and is going to concentrate only on volleyball (Thank God!). I think the girls team is going to be quite good this year. Lots of returning girls and they are all very dedicated and have been conditioning for several weeks now. In year's past they've had rotating captains but this year the girls and coaches voted on captains for the entire season and T is co-captain w/ Beans.

We just had one of the funniest family conversations ever. I don't know how it even got started but somehow we talked about who would play each of us in a movie. Cosmo said he'd like Kevin James to play him on the big screen (but sweet KJ said Kevin James is too overweight and would have to get in better shape to play her dad). We all agreed that Dakota Fanning would be a good T (or Amy Smart or a younger Cameron Diaz. The jury is still out on who would play me & KJ. hahaha (I don't think I look like anyone famous so this is going to be interesting).

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