Monday, January 16, 2012

Miss America Recap

Miss Louisiana
Miss Wisconsin
KJ & I had fun watching the Miss America pageant Saturday night. Everyone has their favorites and it's always fun to see who makes it to the end.

Miss Texas

Miss Tennessee

Miss New York

The pageant seems to be breaking from tradition and trying to focus on a more natural, all American, all around girl. But the entire show felt really rushed and chaotic. I didn't like the way they tried to interview the girls between categories. And, what in the world was Kris Jenner doing as a judge??? I think former Miss America contestants should be judges. Girls who have been through the pageant system would be much tougher on the girls rather than some reality TV mom-ager.

I really liked Miss New York and thought she was a natural beauty but did not like her evening gown. I thought Miss Tennessee, Miss Louisiana and Miss Texas were all gorgeous. I also thought Miss Florida had a really cute haircut. One of the contestants described her gown as being similar to one of Brittney Spears outfits (Miss Texas). I thought that was kind of weird. The dress looked good on her and was one of my favorites up until she made that comment in the voiceover. Another one of the contestants (I think it was Miss California -- she was wearing white) said something about her dress being "hot." I didn't think that was very appropriate. Especially when you have young, impressionable little girls watching the pageant. Miss Wisconsin's black lace gown was reminiscent of Kate Middleton's wedding gown and was very elegant.

Miss South Carolina's weight loss story is amazing but when they interviewed her after elimination she did not come across as very gracious. She mentioned that she's been asked to do reality shows or books or something regarding her dramatic weight loss. I wonder if she had won, would she have been able to perform her Miss American duties or would she be focusing on advancing her career? (plus she had really, really weird hair. I couldn't concentrate on anything else!).

And now let's talk Miss Alabama. She seems like she's very sweet and I thought it was wonderful when the girls rallied behind her and gave her a second chance (but really? did they really need a group of accountants on stage to count how many contestants were standing behind her versus the other girls???). Then she came out in formal wear. The gown looks much, much, much better in the publicity photo above than it did on stage. I don't know if it was the camera angle or what but all you saw was that massive bow. Cosmo said it looked like a crow sitting on her shoulder and I thought it looked like one of those deco-mesh bows people put on their mailboxes at Halloween. KJ looked at me and said, "Well. She won't be back. She just blew her second chance."

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