Friday, January 13, 2012

RAGING Debate? Huh???

Good article from Fox Sports News but had to chuckle at the "Raging Debate" sensationalist headline. Typical Fox News.

Here's an excerpt:

"Tebow is not the worst quarterback in America. Nor is he a savior of the football variety and certainly not of the John 3:16 kind. He is a kid who has proven he can play football in this league, who has earned the right to be the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos next season and now he joins the long line of them trying to justify the faith and win a Super Bowl as he prepares to lead Denver against New England in the divisional round Saturday in Foxborough.

I say this not to diminish what Tebow did Sunday. The touchdown pass on the first play of overtime after so much time had been spent on his passing deficiencies was one of the most iconic moments of the season. It is one of those great playoff moments that people will talk about years from now. It is where hype met results.

It is not unlike the entire Tebow phenomenon. Whatever you think of his long-term quarterbacking potential, it is indisputable that Tebowmania was refreshing. He is what we love about sports. He was inspirational. He made you believe. It is sad actually how many were unable just to enjoy the ride and instead turned everyday on a referendum on religion and Tebow's longevity when the truth is we do not know.

I have written about the hypocrisy of mocking his faith and personally believing in his ability to do what most say he is incapable of in recent months. And I am often asked what I believe as the Tebow story unfolds. I am not sure it matters. I am also willing to share. What I believe is God does not have a cheering interest in any sporting event. I do not believe Tebow's good games were divinely intervened, just like I do not believe his bad ones were because God chose to watch the Cowboys through the hole in the roof that Sunday instead. What I believe is an abiding faith, like what Tebow has in God, is a steadying force in times of trouble. "

So, so, so tired of hearing about Tebow. The media is making this a bigger issue than it really is. Tim Tebow is NOT the first Christian athlete nor will he be the last. I don't care what is faith is. I think that's personal and entirely between him and his God. I do think he seems like a genuinely nice, kind kid who was raised with morals and principals which is rare in today's world and I'm happy and proud he lives in a country that allows him to publicly recognize and rejoice in his religion. Good for him for professing what he believes in. However, he was hired to win football games and put rear-ends in the stadium seats. Nothing more. It doesn't make me the anti-Christ or an atheist if I don't buy into his hype. Nor do I believe that if God had a favorite football team, the Denver Broncos would be it.

From posters on the Fox Sports message boards: (finally! some folks who "GET" it! I don't have a problem or issue with Tim Tebow as a man. I don't have a problem w/ him "Tebowing" on the sidelines or his 3:16 eye black or whatever. I have a problem with kids "Tebowing" for Tim Tebow! Stop putting athletes on a pedestal and WORSHIPPING them. If you're going to pray or assume the prayer position, please do it for someone OTHER than Tim Tebow!!!).

Jesus is real. Jesus is AWESOME. Tim Tebow is just a man. The Media is acting like he is a god. Well, he is not. With that being said. MARK MY WORDS. The Patriots are going to CRUSH the Broncos tomorrow night. Love you Tim, keep marching strong for Jesus but I gotta go with my home team. By the way, one day every knee is going to BOW to the name of Jesus.

Why is everyone making a big deal out of it? You'd think that there was massive Devil worshipping going on before Tebow was allowed to start in the NFL.

Tim Tebow is a Christian. Fine. Deal with it. Tim Tebow is a very well-compensated professional athlete. Fine. Deal with it. The two are neither inextricably linked nor mutually exclusive. The problem lies in the diversion of Tebow's message from being about his faith to being about him. I personally think his sideline antics ("Tebowing") are kind of naive and silly and wish he'd spent less time praying and more time studying defensive sets. But that's just me. What I REALLY have problems with are kids assuming Tebow's classic prayerful position "out of respect for Tebow". Shouldn't they be assuming that position out of respect for whatever diety they pray to rather than respect for some highly-paid jock engaged in an activity that no god of my understanding would give a fig for?

Athletes have been thanking God after athletic accomplishments for a long time. Why is this guy any different? And the US is a great country because of the separation of church and state. In America, you are allowed to believe whatever you like, as long as you don't break the law. In turn, I am allowed to believe or not believe anything that I'd like. That is what makes America great! That you cannot impose your religious will upon me. FYI - I am a Christian, but I am one that actually believes in freedom of religion.

I think Tebow is a good role model and is very genuine to himself and his faith and his game of football. I do not think he is doing anything for attention. However, I do not like the majority of the photos people are sending in or posting online of themselves "Tebowing" as the majority of them have no idea what it really means or represents. When Tim Tebow bends on one knee, he is literally praying and affirming his faith, thanking God for his life and abilities and blessings. I don't think the majority of the ppl, especially the kids and ppl in different countries, who are "Tebowing" even know it is associated with God, and they are surely not praying. At best, some may be pretending to do so, which only serves to mock Tebow and God, not revere or respect.

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