Monday, January 30, 2012

One for the Money

One of my favorite series of books is the Stephanie Plum books from Janet Evanovich

These books were suggested to me years ago by a friend at the pool one day. Since the books took place in NJ, she thought I'd like them. At the time, I think there were only a handful of books published, not the 18 books+ out today. They are a funny, light, easy read. The heroine is Stephanie Plum, an unemployed lingerie buyer, who applies for a filing job with her cousin Vinnie, a bail bondsman. The position has already been filled but Connie, Vinnie's assistant, talks Stephanie into becoming a bail bondsman. As the series progresses, several characters are introduced: Joe Morelli, vice cop and onetime sexual acquaintance of Stephanie, Lulu, a prostitute; Ranger, Grandma Mazur, etc.

I am definately one of those people who read a book and automatically think who would portray each character in the film version. Having said that, I'm not really sure how I feel about Katherine Heigl in the Plum role (please pardon the pun!). I've read all 18 of these books and all the "in-between" books. I've definitely thought of Heigel as more of chick-movie, rom/com kind of actress. Not a tough cookie from Trenton, NJ.

However, I do like some of the other actors/actresses in the movie and think they are a good fit. The guy who plays Morelli looks like I imagined him. Good-looking, blue-collar, man's man (I always thought the guy who plays the plumber on Desperate Housewives would be a good Morelli -- the one who is married to Terri Hatcher's character Susan). The actor cast as Ranger looks good, too. Daniel Sunjata was one of my favorite actors in Rescue Me (I envisioned Benjamin Bratt in this role while reading the books). Sherri Shepherd plays street-smart Lula. I'm not a Sherri Shepherd fan but I think she'd be a sassy Lula. Debbie Reynolds plays Grandma Mazur. I always envisioned Estelle Geddy from Golden Girls as the Grandma (but I think she may be deceased???).

The next book-to-movie I'm looking forward to is The Hunger Games!

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