Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's All in the Genes. And the Jeans.

Thank you God for blessing me with good skin! He didn't give me height, he didn't give me a stick-thin figure but I am truly blessed with sweet little feet and healthy skin!

When I had both of my girls I suffered horribly from Melasma (also know as "pregnancy mask" or hyperpigmentation). It was terrible and lasted for several years after each of the girls were born and I was very concscience of it. When we moved to the south during my pregnancy w/ KJ, I was diligent about applying sunscreen daily. After she was born, I did a series of microdermabrasion and glycolic treatments and that seemed to kick-start my skin back into shape. I am also not a sun worshipper and although I love a healthy tan as much as the next person, I usually protect my face at all times w/ either a hat or copious quantities of Clinique City Block. I also drink a lot of water at work and I've been taking vitamins regularly the last year or so. I haven't had a professional facial in years and should probably get one soon (just a matter of finding the time!).

I guess my efforts are paying off because twice in the last two weeks I've had complete strangers ask me my age. KJ & I were at Chili's a couple of Saturday's ago and our server asked for ID. #daymade!!! Then, last night during my pedicure, the nail tech and I were making small talk and she asked if I had any kids. I told her I had two girls and my oldest was a senior in high school. She stopped what she was doing, looked up at me and said, "Wait. What?? Aren't seniors in high school like 17 or 18???" I said, "yes, my daughter will be 18 in July." She said, "Oh My God. You don't look old enough to have an 18 year old!!! How old ARE you???" Now, I don't know if she was just being sweet or fishing for a big tip but it still made me feel good!

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