Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Who is the Ugliest of them All?





Some pretty crazy football uniforms this past year. Everyone's talking about Oregon's helmets in the Rose Bowl. I'm a traditionalist when it comes to uniforms but I have to say, I really liked their helmets.


The big trend in helmets has been the switch to matte and I'm not a fan. We've seen the trend in lacrosse helmets too and they always look unfinshed to me. Like they forgot a step at the factory. The kids love 'em, though.

RG III Rockin' the Matte helmet
Now, we're starting to see chrome facemasks on lax helmets. Again, not a big fan. Champ always tells the kids, "worry about your throwing and catching before you worry about what you're wearing." I don't know about football kids because I don't have any but at lacrosse tournaments, the crazier the uniform, the better. We've seen shorts w/ plaid, argyle, Scooby Doo, tacos (T-bone's fav!), popcorn, bannanas, hamsters, rastas, gorillas, koalas. You name it. Jacked up shorts have become the norm.

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