Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday Night Lights supposed to be a good show. I TiVo'd the season opener but we never got a chance to watch it and I was running out of space. I had a really difficult decision to make: Friday Night Lights or Rock of Love w/ Brett Michaels. Friday Night Lights or Rock of Love. Hmmmm.

Speaking of Friday Night Lights, it's high school football play-off time. Hoover is playing Theodore tonight. T is at the game, KJ and I have been watching it on the local cable channel (Chris is somewhere in the skies flying home from Dallas). It was 56-7 at the half. I think next week Hoover plays at Florence.

Got to talk to my brother earlier tonight, my nephew, my sister-in-law and my dad. Brandon was totally delightful tonight (come on, he's 4. He's pretty hit or miss on the phone). We had a wonderful phone conversation. He told me all about gymnastics, we talked Penn State football (according to Mr. B, they're the blue team), we discussed the merits of trick or treating and we debated the current crisis in the middle east. Ha! Just checking to see if you were still reading. He told me all about the footy pajamas he was wearing and he told me how he smashed his meat in his mashed potatoes at dinner and ate it all up so he could have TWO desserts.

I started reading a book my cousin Heather sent me called, "Pledged." Obviously, it's about Greek Life. As I read the prologue I wasn't sure if I was going to like it. I thought, this is just going to spout off a bunch of statistics and bash sororities and fraternities. While I do think many of the stories told in the book are not exclusive to Greek Life but are indicative of college life in general (i.e., the drunken frat parties, the meaningless sex / hook-ups, date rape, rampant drug use), the book does raise the question about the exclusivity of sororities and fraternities and addresses many stereotypes. Having never attended college let alone stepped foot in a sorority, I'm fascinated by this book. I'm more than halfway thru the book and as I'm reading, one question pops into my head repeatedly: "What will I do / say when one of my girls wants to join a sorority??" Keep in mind, I have an 8th grader. Pledging will be here before I know it. Crap.

Big football match-ups Saturday: Hoover 75 lbs. squad versus someone who's going to lose. Penn State vs. Perdue (sorry Steve-o. Godchild says you're going down!). Alabama versus LSU. I'll be watching Nemo on Ice w/ a bunch of Brownies.


Unknown said...

Hi. Can I read the book when you're done? I have a feeling pledging will be here before we know it, and knowing my darling daughter, she'll want to pledge. i used to think i was so soroity, haha, i'm so not! no way. i do love the houses though, they're so pretty. anyway, i'm cracking up at the match up between hoover's 75lb and someone whose going to lose. lol. go bucs!

Valerie said...

Tracy, seriously! You have no idea how good this little 75 lbs. squad is. We just show up at the field, half the time I don't even know who we're playing because it doesn't really matter. How's Jack's football team doing? How was Elena's party last night? Nemo on Ice was OK, not my favorite. 2 years ago the troop saw Disney Princesses and that one was good. Last year was spectacular. It was just Disney on Ice and had a little of everything and the grand finale was It's a Small World.

Heather said...

Glad you're liking it! I'd like to say the stories are just at big schools where Greek life is so important, but the sororities were the same at my little undergrad.

Unknown said...

I totally believe you about the 75lb team. It is just so true of Hoover ball. Jack's team won their first play off game. whoosh! Next week is the championship. Go Panthers! Elena's party was fun, Joe had a great time. I didn't make it up to the skating rink, b/c I was painting pottery and then cleaning my floors. I'm sure the kids missed Kendall!

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