Thursday, August 9, 2007

And they're off !!!

KJ woke up happy & smiley. She said she's ready to start school today. She's been a handful the last couple of days. I think she was just nervous and excited at the same time about school starting. She's going to be in for a rude awakening, however. Her first grade teacher was very sweet and loving. Her second grade teacher, Mrs. Sunday, is very loving too but she told Kendall that Kendall WILL have nightly homework (something were not used to yet). She'll having reading every night, math work and weekly spelling words.

Chris got in from Dallas last night and we had a nice, last-hurrah-before-school-starts family dinner at one of our favorite Japanese restaurants. The place was packed. Guess other families had the same brilliant idea!

Supposed to be a scorcher today. I sent KJ to school with a big water bottle. Our favorite weather guy said 103 but closer to feeling like 110 with the heat index.

Stay Cool !!!


Cosmo said...

Wow, can't believe another school year has started. At first it felt like the summer lasted forever but when I was driving the girls to school it felt like the summer flew by ! Can't believe it's starting all over again, can't wait for football and cool weather, guess they are right around the corner !!

Unknown said...

I so love that your husband writes on your blog. seriously, that is so sweet! can you believe they're off to school!!!! yeah!!!! your girls look so beautiful. i'm helping with the kindergarten lunch this morning. why do i say yes to these things???? see you tomorrow and the pool.:)

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