Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunflowers & Skateboards on Saturday & Sunday

Nice & quiet in the house (except for the screams coming from the TV; Chris is watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre). Kendall is at a friends and Taylor is going to play laser tag w/ friends in a little while (don't ask).

Went grocery shopping this morning. I usually do it during the week but we had no laundry detergent and Chris was running out of clean underwear.

Re-did my front porch in a "sunflower" theme. I was getting tired of the summer decorations I had out there.

It's still hot today but not unbearable like it's been. Mom said it was 47 degrees in PA last night.

Yesterday Chris took the girls to a couple of skateparks so KJ can work on her bag of (limited) tricks. One skatepark was locked up tight and the other one was full of much, much older kids (Taylor was looking for a cute skater punk but couldn't find any). So, Chris ended up taking the girls to TCBY for treats.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! P.S. When you have a chance, check out my cousin Heather's blog. She's a self-proclaimed Diva of Pop-Culture and has some interesting views. (link is listed under "Some of my favorite blogs" on the right-hand side)

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Anonymous said...

Skateboard and is one the best past time to do. Whenever I get bored, I will practice some tricks and just get busy with this sport all day long

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