Thursday, August 30, 2007

There were 3 in the bed . . .

and the little one said, "roll-over! roll-over!" So they all rolled over and Chris fell out! ha! ha! Big thunderstorm rolled thru here last night. Of course KJ snuggled in our bed the minute she heard the first crack of thunder. Taylor, as usual, slept thru the entire thing. Chris & I are a little stiff this morning. Kendall is a crazy sleeper so we were both hugging the sides of the bed to give her some more room. But hey! It rained here and that's the most important thing!

Today I need to do some laundry & start packing for our trip to Cincy this weekend. You know football is top priority in your school district when kids are excused from school with a pre-approved letter stating they are traveling to the game. We are really looking foward to seeing LCM, Dean, Zachary & Abby Grace this weekend. I think my Godson has a football game Sunday afternoon and I can't wait to see him play in person. Sunday night are the WEBN fireworks on the Ohio River; the kids don't know what to expect. Hope they're as good as when we still lived there.

I've been trying to find some pictures of me when I was really little because I think Caitlyn has a lot of Aunt Valerie in her (also our cousin Lisa). I found of picture of Uncle George when he was really, really young and I think he looks a lot like Brandon!

"Start every day with a smile and get it over with." ~ W.C. Fields


Unknown said...

Valerie, I will miss you tonight!! I will totally think of you during the go bumpus go bumpus and hoorah for bumpus cheers. you know, sam rhodes will be so disappointed that kj isn't there. i'm cracking up about taylor's eyebrows. that is so kate. i actually to kate to get her hair trimmed over lunch. that is sad. i love the excused note for the trip to ohio. totally hoover! Go Bucs. You'll have to cheer loud b/c we all won't be there.

Cosmo said...

Tracy, I'll miss Rick at the game, he had a classic line at last week's game.

I said, "Hey, there is Propst's wife"

Rick said, "which one ?"

I said, "the one with the bad hair"

Rick said, "No, which wife ?"

If you have followed the investigation into our head football coach that has cost us Hoover tax payers $90K, you'll think it was very funny !

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