Monday, August 27, 2007

Yay! We have A/C!!

Love Quote of the day: "If there is any agreement that I need to sign... that would be an agreement called forever."

A/C guy came out this afternoon! We have a leak which is causing the connection to freeze up. Hard to believe anything can freeze up in 100+ degree heat but hey! whatever!

Spent the morning at pre-school having a meeting and getting our rooms together. It was great catching up w/ everyone and talking about our summer's. I am extremely fortunate to work w/ a wonderful group of women; each of whom I genuinely like. Going to work is so much easier when you actually like the people you work with. Can't believe this is mine & Margaret's 4th year in the classroom. Friday night at the Hoover game I saw one of the little boys who was in my very first class. He was punching his older brother and making a gun with his finger prentending to shoot at things. Seriously, he didn't learn that in my class!

Chris is headed to Atlanta for the Falcons game tonight. They play the Bengals. Should be interesting w/ out Michael Vick there.

Have a great Monday. I know I will now that I can sleep in my own bed again!


Unknown said...

so so glad you have air conditioning! that is so great. you were cracking me up this morning when you came in the conference room haha. so funny. i'm glad you're air works, that's great! love the pictures of brandon and caitlin. i think i see a little bit of aunt valerie in caitlin. they are both darling. see you tomorrow.

Valerie said...

Caitlyn diffently looks more like my side of the family than Brandon does. She's light and fair like us, he's got darker hair like Bethany's side of the family. Plus, she totally has the Shrodo nose (my maiden name).

Heather said...

Look at the cuties in our family! So many on one page!

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