Monday, August 6, 2007

Laxapalooza '07

"We're losing players to soccer and lacrosse." -- Johnny Bench

Had fun at last night's Laxapalooza. Kendall won the girls division for the fastest shot (she was the only girl in her division but that's just a small technicality!). She had a 33 MPH shot. Not bad for a 7 year old little girl. One of the guys from the Major League Lacrosse had a 100 MPH shot last night (but has hit 108 MPH in competition). Chris sat behind the backstop w/ the radar gun and was flinching a lot when those 98 MPH shots were coming at him! It was hot as hell last night and those poor boys from up north were not used to the humidity.

Not much doing today. Chris left for Dallas early this morning but will be home Wednesday in time for Thursday's first day of school. Kendall's teacher's meeting is tonight and tomorrow we drop off school supplies. We'll have a "girls only day" Tuesday and do manicures and pedicures and have lunch out. Kendall is STILL not sleeping good. At 10:30 PM last night I could hear her wandering around up there.

Have a nice Monday! :-)

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