Monday, August 20, 2007

Demo Day Over

This is the "Before" picture.
OK, so day 1 of bathroom re-do went pretty well. The entire bathroom is gutted except for the vanity cabinet and countertop (that will come later). We're down to sub-flooring, studs in the shower (besides Chris!!! giggle! giggle!) and my bathtub is hanging to the wall by a thread. I got really, really nervous when they started whacking at things and kind of thought, "hey, my bathroom didn't really look THAT bad" but now I'm excited and really like the tile we picked out. It's going to be a very updated look. Poor Chris. He's afraid I'm going to start walking around the house just looking for more projects to do. Ka-ching.

Kids are doing well this week (heck! it's only Monday) and both girls start dance Tuesday. T has hip-hop on Wednesday and KJ has cheer practice Thursday night. Friday we'll be at the Hoover game and Saturday I have bunco. Sunday is a scout meeting. Tuesday is a room mom meeting at KJ's school and Wednesday I'm getting a haircut that I desperately need. I've cancelled and re-scheduled the last 2 times. I'm not even sure what my hair looks like any more; it's been up in a ponytail most of the summer. Thursday the little babies from my last year's playschool class are coming over for a swim party at the pool. I may have over-extended myself this week. Hopefully I'll be so tired from running around I'll sleep really good at night!

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