Saturday, August 25, 2007

Cleaning Day

Trying to get some housework done today. Didn't get much accomplished w/ the tile guy here (there's a fine layer of tile and sheetrock dust EVERYWHERE!) The bathroom turned out spectacular (reminds me of the bathroom at the hotel we stayed in New Orleans). Just waiting on the glass doors so we still have to shower in KJ's room. We also need to pick out a piece of granite for the countertop.

Went to the Hoover game last night and had a lot of fun visiting and chatting with friends. Sat w/ Rick & Tracy Leventry (the guys talk shop, Tracy & I gossip). Tracy probably has different pics than I do on her blog; check it out. Hoover games are such a social event. I like the homecoming game the best though. I love seeing the kids all dressed up. Although Hoover beat Dothan, the game felt really long and it wasn't much fun w/ out the band, the color guard and a half-time show. Kendall had a lot of fun at the youth clinic earlier in the evening and during the game she ran around the stadium w/ her friends Lauren & Joe. Chris enjoyed watching "his boys" out on the field. Jake Gillikin, Justin, Jack Winters, and Jayson Mullins all had a great game.

Chris has Men's lax practice later this afternoon and I have bunco tonight. Katie Reynolds is here for the weekend while her family is at her twin sister's travel soccer game. It rained yesterday afternoon for a little bit before the football game and last night we had a thunderstorm after the game. Still stupid hot though!


Unknown said...

Hi. Love your pictures! I think its really a cute fundraiser for the cheerleaders to entertain and work with the little cheerleaders. We had fun last night. I was hungry and tired by the time we got home. Joe never threw up thank goodness!! haha. too much junk. Have fun at bunco tonight. ;) Monday morning bright and early we have our meeting. I actually dreamed about preschool last night. weird. Have a good day.

Valerie said...

Chris & I were both hungry when we got home last night, too! We each had a bowl of Corn chex before we went to bed. I was very tired and slept in the guest room last night. Got a good night's sleep for a change. I'll see you early Monday AM.

Unknown said...

your pictures are better than mine. i was trying to figure out which pirate running with the flags is your neighbor. haha that was funny. :)

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