Thursday, August 9, 2007

They Survived

Both girls survived the first day of school despite the sweltering heat. Chris came home early to surprise KJ at the bus stop. She was the "helper" today so I think that helped with the back-to-school jitters. On the school bus ride home, she got to sit with her friend Evvy and Evvy's little sister India (it was India's first day of kindergarten). Whoever you sit with the first day, you sit with the remainder of the year so Kendall's pleased. T had a good day, too. She said it was "like a thousand degrees on the bus" but she seems to like all her teachers. She went to the pool after school w/ a bunch of girls to unwind after their hard day. :-)

I had a nice, quiet day (and evening). I went on the treadmill for a while, had leftover Japanese food for lunch, met w/ a tile guy about re-doing our bathroom, read a couple of chapters and chatted with each of the girls when they came home from school. After dinner I took a long bubble bath!

A couple of ladies (and Ella!) are coming to the pool tomorrow for lunch, beverages, and some relaxation. We've all been concentrating on getting the kids ready for school, we are in desperate need of "adult" time (especially me!).

Here's something I never thought I'd see: my husband is intently watching an LA Galaxy soccer game (they're playing DC United). Becks is in.

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Unknown said...

sounds like a great day for the cos girls, yeah! see you at the pool.
ps becks is very cute.:)

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