Friday, August 10, 2007

I've Got a Piper Down !

Daughter #1 has missed the 2nd day of school. Since she came back from FL she's had a nagging cough. Last night that little tickle in her throat turned into a horrible whooping cough and a lot of congestion. She's all snuggled in her bed and we have a late afternoon dr's appointment. Aaaah. The joys of parenthood.


Cosmo said...

Poor T, she's a trooper, she tried to make it this morning but just couldn't do it. KJ got to school before the doors were even unlocked, she got to hang out with her friend "George Washington" so I think she was fine

Unknown said...

Hope Taylor is feeling better soon. Total bummer to be sick on a Friday night. It was so fun hanging out today! I love our group of teachers.. Joe lost his first tooth. Rick called twice while I was lounging with y'all. So funny. Have a great weekend.
the picture of you and chris is too cute! love that.

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