Thursday, January 31, 2008

Field Trip Thursday gone Amuck

Met KJ's class for a field trip today to the McWane Center. Unfortunatley I didn't get to stay too long. One of KJ's little friends had a really bad headache after lunch so the teacher asked me if I would drive her back to the school since I had my car and everyone else came on the bus. The little girl's mom is a teacher's aide at the school. The poor little thing was so out of it. I covered her up w/ a blanket in the back seat and she was out like a lite. I offered to take her back to my house and let her sleep on the couch but her dad was coming to get her once I dropped her off at the school. So, I missed the best part of the McWane Center . . . the IMAX movie!!

Apparently T did awesome at last night's lax practice. Chris said she needs to work on her stick skills a little bit but considering she hasn't picked up a stick since fall ball, he said she was wheeling and dealing. It's in her blood.

We have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do tonight except watch Lost. No dance, no school meetings/functions, no lax practices, no softball practices, etc. However, do NOT call me, do NOT text me, do NOT im me, do NOT ring my doorbell while Lost is on. I will have my trusty marshmallow shooter by my side and I am not afraid to use it.


Unknown said...

jack had a headache today too at school. rick took him some advil. must be the weather.

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

You are so sweet to take such good care of that little girl! I agree with Tracy, I am starting to think enough with the cold!!! But in a few months we will all be saying enough of the heat!

Valerie said...

Are you kidding me!!??? I couldn't wait to get the hell out of the McWane Center. I hate that place! I'd rather stick knitting needles in my eyes (after I've viewed the Imax movie, of course!).

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