Thursday, January 10, 2008

Twisters Oh My!

The kids were released from school today at 1 PM due to impending severe weather conditions. It's been storming all afternoon. I, of course, love it. KJ, of course, hates it. She's our little "emergency preparedness coordinator" (i.e., she gathers up non-perishable items, flashlights, extra batteries and blankets and sits in the basement). Bless her heart. She takes this stuff very, very seriously.

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Unknown said...

Hi. I was just like Kendall when I was little. I'd get the candles ready and listen to the weather reports. Jack is our storm freaker outer, he doesn't really prepare for power outages but he is really good about sitting in rick's office in the basement and watching the tv so we will all know where the storms are headed.

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