Thursday, January 24, 2008

NEWSFLASH !!! (according to my husband)

Chris just called from Columbus, OH to inform me that "there's no freakin' way in hell we're ever moving back North." He said it's snowing, he had to scrape ice off the windows of the rental car before he could drive to the airport and that his nose hairs "are freezing." Ew. I just got a visual.

On a somewhat related note, I've checked the weather for Saturday & Sunday in Chicago. They're calling for light snow Saturday morning w/ a high around 32. Sunday should be sunny w/ a high around 33. My little "GRITS" (Girl Raised in the South) is going to freeze her little tushie off! I'm trying to convince LCM to drive up from Cincy to hang out w/ me & T for the weekend but she's wimping out. She said it's too cold for her. She's a total GRITS at heart!!!

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