Sunday, January 20, 2008

Giants vs. Packers

"It's been six years since I have had a drink and I have two girls, and my priorities are a lot different now and I just can't believe I was that guy. And I would not go back, I would not trade the way I am now for anything." -- Brett Favre

"As you get older, you look at things differently." -- Brett Favre

"Pressure is something you feel when you don't know what the hell you're doing.” -- Peyton Manning

You know I could really care less about football. Especially in January. However I'm torn. Ya' gotta luv Brett and the Packers playing tonight on the frozen tundra of Lambeau field however, I'm a NY-er at heart. I'd love to see the Giants win but Eli leaves me lacking. Let's face it. He's no Peyton. Luv, Luv, Luv me some Peyton Manning. He's the kind of boy I'd love to see T or KJ bring home. PS...let me know if you'd like to see the picture of Chris sitting in Farve's locker on one of his "manly man" trips to Green Bay.

“I bet Eli doesn't even have one touchdown today, ... I'm the best Manning.” -- Peyton Manning

“I never try to be something I'm not,” -- Eli Manning


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

All I know is that the PATRIOTS WON!!!!!

Valerie said...

We don't use the P word in our house.

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