Monday, January 21, 2008


I dropped T and a couple of friends off at the movies last night and then she was spending the night at ME's. On my way back from the movies I picked up Maggie so she could spend the night w/ KJ. As of 10:15 AM, they were still asleep. I can't believe Maggie & KJ have known each other since they were 18 months. They met in the very same room Margaret & I now work in. Isn't that crazy??? Have I really known Margaret that long???

I have absolutely nothing plannned today. I do, however, have a mountain of laundry on the couch calling my name (and it's not calling me nice names, either). I prefer to do my laundry while I'm catching up on my TiVo. That's why it's all over the couch rather than being in the actual laundry room. Just wanted to clarify.

The sun is out but I think it's still pretty chilly out. I haven't been out yet but my little feet are freezing.

Got to run. Maggie & KJ are yelling at me to make them bagels for breakfast. Must not let the princesses wait.

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