Thursday, April 10, 2008

Breaking News!

Authorities announced earlier today that Buddy the Crawfish (not to be confused w/ Buddy the Shih-Tzu) was released into the wild yesterday at a private, undisclosed location.

As reported previously, Buddy the Crawfish had been living a quiet life in a take-out food container for the past several weeks. A spokesperson for Buddy's family said, "He was obviously a fighter. The family wanted to do the right thing and give him an opportunity to live a wild and free existence. Although they were sad to see him go, everyone understood it was for the best."
Sources close to the family are also quick to point out that at yesterday's freedom ceremony, Buddy the Crawfish quickly adapted to his new environment and seemed quite grateful to be in more spacious surroundings. The family could not be reached for further comment.

Check your local listings for the Discovery Channel Documentary: "Buddy the Crawfish -- On your Plate or Out in the Open."

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