Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring Fever

Last night's thunderstorm brought some gorgeous weather today! I don't think today could have been much more perfect!

KJ had a 10 AM lax game. We ran to our favorite lacrosse store (we're on a first-name basis w/ the owners! ha! ha!) and her daddy got her a pair of gloves, her own helmet and her own goalie stick to use. Normally the only equipment girls need is a stick and a pair of goggles. She played incredible today. Several parents came up to her after the game and told her how great she did. Apparently, the little girl who started in goal last week (but wanted out of there the minute she got hit w/ the ball) is a little miffed. Coach told her KJ was the starting goalie and this other little girl was now KJ's back up. She wasn't too happy about that.

We left KJ's game and had some lunch and celebratory Blizzards @ DQ. The U15 team was playing so we stopped by the fields to catch some of their game. These are all boys T knows and theoretically will be on the JV squad next year. One of the mom's asked me what number was my son. I get that all the time. It's pretty funny.

KJ and I ran out and bought her veil for her communion and we also stopped at Party City to buy paper goods for her communion party. Spoke to LCM in Cincy last night and was excited to learn they are making the trip down.

Did some yard work this afternoon; mostly pulling weeds. Oh, and I did get to use the power hedge trimmers. If Chris would just let me go a little wild, I'd cut down half the trees and bushes in the back and on the side. The landscapers are coming out this week to lay down some mulch. It always looks so good when the mulch is done. Supposed to be around 78 Sunday. I think it's time to plant some colorful flowers out front. Chris sanded down the front door and stained it. The Budster had really done a number on the door. He'd scratch on one side when he wanted to come in.

Still need to pick out the piece of granite for my bathroom counter tops. I'd really like that installed before everyone comes her KJ's communion.
P.S. I found this picture on-line at (this is where I grew up). At first glance this looks like a fall picture but it's really a forsythia. I love this pic because back home, forsythia's signaled the start of spring. You don't' see too many forsythia bushes down here.

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Unknown said...

love the paintings. someday, i'll be able to paint like that. practice, practice, practace. :)it was a beautiful day wasn't it? love this weather.

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