Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Some People Shouldn't Procreate

Chaperoned KJ's class trip to High School Musical on Ice. All I can say is Wow. The show was really cute but Wow. Some of these kids are really really rotten. I don't always blame the kid, I'm thinking most of the blame falls on the parents. I don't know if I'm getting too old for this crap, maybe I was just in a bad mood.

Child #1: After the show we had our sack lunches out in the courtyard @ the BJCC. I watched one little girl (who plays w/ the boys on a regular basis) walk up to a boy who was just standing there talking to his friend, she grabbed him by the back of the neck w/ one hand and threw him face down on the bricks. She walked away. Nice. And her mom wonders why none of the other little girls will play with her.

Child #2: Her lunch consisted of a tupperware container of Captn Crunch and a Capri Sun. She walked around and literally begged everyone for their left-overs. I'm not judging. But, if you can't provide a nutrious lunch for your child, maybe you should look into free lunches. KJ told me this was pretty typical of this girl's daily lunches. KJ said the other day she had a package of Nutty Buddy's and 2 Hershey Kisses. I'm trying to be open minded -- maybe the little girl packs her own lunch each day. However, eating healthy and buying fruits and vegetables costs pretty much the same as buying junk food. Margaret & I saw this often in our playschool class -- little 18 month old toddlers bringing in Teddy Grahams, Lucky Charms and pretzels for lunch. That's it. That was their ENTIRE lunch. WTF??? We had one little boy (we had his older cousin a couple of years ago) who never, ever brought a fruit or a vegetable, no cheese sticks, no yogurt. Nothing but crap food. The cousin was the same way so this totally ran in the family. We had one little girl who brought in 2 bottles of Hi-C soda EVERY DAY. Not fruit juice, not watered down but SODA straight out the bottle. I'll be the first one to admit I don't like to cook or bake and I'm not very domesticated. However, my kids had fairly healthy lunches at day care or pre-school. It may not have been what THEY wanted, and sometimes it may have been a day or two before grocery shopping day so pickin's may have been slim, but I always managed a sandwhich, a piece of fruit or carrott/celery sticks, cheese sticks, a go-gurt, etc.

Child #3: (my least favorite child in the entire 2nd grade) This lovely young man screamed at this friends today on the bus and told them to "mind their own 'freakin' business." Which I found incredibly ironic. We had 30-45 minutes to spare prior to show time. The 2nd Grade teachers bought popcorn for the kids to share and handed the buckets to each chaperone to distribute among the kids in their row. Before I even had a chance to start passing out popcorn, this angelic little turd was the first one to say, "No fair!!! KJ is getting popcorn." Last week when I watched the class I bought a can of sprite from the soda machine in the teachers lounge. KJ asked if she could have some. This brat yelled, "KJ! I'm telling! You know we're not allowed to have soda." Dude! I'm her freakin' mom and I'm standing right here! I'm the one who gave her a sip of my caffeine-free sprite. As my husband would say to the girls when they argue: Who's business are YOU minding???

OK. So that's it. I've gotten everything off my chest. God I really hate other people's children.

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monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

OMG, don't even get me started on other people's kids....especially when it comes to their lunches....HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! Our trouble maker always has fruit loops, teddy grahms, a cereal bar and usually some other cereal. Another has pancakes, pickles and least she gets a veg...

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