Monday, April 28, 2008

Getting Chilly Out There

It was a little chilly tonight sitting at T's last lax game of the season. Things didn't go so well for the girls tonight. At one point we were only down 3 points but we fell apart at the end and we just couldn't hold on. T was really, really upset. Which is really weird for her. She's not usually a very emotional person when it comes to sports (she pretty happy-go-lucky) but she seems to enjoy lax alot and takes it personally when they lose. It also doesn't help that T (and everyone else on the team) have absolutely no respect for the coach (T refers to her as "pin-head"). Normally I would reprimand T for calling her coach unflattering names but honestly, the lady really is a bone-head. She's clueless. I could probably do a better job of coaching these girls and I've never played a team sport in my life. Tonight's game got a little ugly, some bad calls, very aggressive play, rude fans.

Chris's varsity team, on the other hand, beat the snot out of their biggest rival. Yay!

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