Friday, April 4, 2008

Only Robinson Curusoe had everything done by Friday

Dark, dreary, humid day today which is fine by me. I'm getting my pedicure this afternoon so all is well w/ the world as far as I'm concerned. If it rains tonight than hubby won't be able to go to Men's practice and he'll be forced to stay at home and spend the evening w/ his family. (insert evil laugh here)

I ordered KJ's communion invitations from a lady on-line. They arrived yesterday and are adorable. Unfortunately there were a couple of errors. The really weird thing is the proof she sent me was 100% correct. She had the date as Sunday instead of Saturday and the envelopes had our return address correct but the name was "Ann & Michael DeWitt" instead of me & hubster. I e-mailed her, she just called me back and will re-send everything. Very sweet lady; I felt bad but hey! I paid for them, they should be correct!

I'll come home after my pedi and finish my laundry. I have a huge pile on the couch that I've been working on. I read once that when Justin Timberlake is on tour, he wears a new pair of underwear each day. Right out of the package. That could easily be me.

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Tracy said...

i'm glad the invites were cute but sad they were wrong. its great that she is resending everything. i wonder what happened? weird.

haha, laughing about the underwear. that could be my whole family!

hope your pedi is awesome.

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