Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Moral Question

Teacher appreciation week @ the elementary school. I'm covering the class so Mrs. S can attend the luncheon the PTO organizes.
Question: is it illegal for me to smack someone else's kid?
If so, how much hard time are we really talkin' here?
Maximum security?
How about one of those ankle bracelet things?


Unknown said...

ha. you crack me up! i just sent the boys teachers a thank you email. seriously, we are doing good to actually get up in the morning this time of year let alone send something for the teachers. we do appreciate them and love them but a thank you email is all i can do. let me know how mrs. s's class is today.

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Teacher appreciation week, I didn't know about this!!! Is it just in your school system or bigger....CRAP! I would miss it!

But a little mental slap maybe in order, no one can fault you that ;)!

Anonymous said...

ewwwhh...I can't do that anymore..I think at my age the patience is almost completely history & I have to save it for my kids! I completely forgot about it...didn't do a damn thing! whoops

Anonymous said...

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