Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just the lax ma'm, just the lax

Proud Papa Bear and his little Goal Troll

KJ in Action

Run Forrest! Run!!!
Tonight's post is about (wait for it. wait for it.): Lacrosse! What else! This time of the year we literally eat, sleep and poop lacrosse. This year has been even worse than ever w/ both girls playing.
Let's start off w/ T. She played Mt. Brook's JV squad last night and had 1 goal and 3 assists. I wasn't there but Papa Bear said it was an awesome "coast to coast" goal (meaning from one end of the field to another). Way to Go T-bone!
On to this afternoon's festivities: KJ had her first lax game ever. She started off playing attack and some other little girl was in the goal. The other little girl apparently didn't like being in the goal. Coach asked if anyone else wanted to play goalie, KJ raised her hand and stepped up to the plate. Goal. Whatever. She was so awesome! Yes, she let up a couple of goals but she also made a couple of nice saves. She looked like a pro in the cage. Banging her stick on the sides of the net just like the big boys do. She's seen enough games in her young little lifetime to know what to do. She didn't get rattled or anything. She told me she likes being in the goal and would do it again.
And to recap tonight's double header vs. our rival high school that split off from us: all I can say is Sheesh!!! Although we won, the officiating was terrible and my husband was almost ejected (or is it RE-jected???) from the game. One of the refs (who is also a neighbor and dear friend) made a couple of bonehead calls, Chris called him out on it, Zebra didn't like it, tried to give Chris a 3 minute penalty for unsportsmanlike blah, blah, blah. Chris says "You can't do that! You have to give me a warning first and a 1 minute penalty." It was like a couple of little boys yelling "You're Not the Boss of Me!!! It was kind of funny. I swear sometimes Chris has lost his damn mind but I will say this: I am proud of him for voicing his opinions on the field. The man has been playing the game since he could walk, put himself thru college by refereeing youth games, coached a youth team in Annapolis and has been playing on a men's team for years. I will also say this: the parents of his players have always stuck up for him and recognize his efforts and that truly means a lot. A wife of one of the other coaches made me feel a little better the other night. She said, "this isn't 'upward' lacrosse @ Hunter Street. If you want to play on a team that doesn't keep score and every kid gets an 'atta-boy' and a pat on the back after each game, this isn't the team for you."
So, T had dance team clinic after school. She said there were only 23 girls (I think 14 will be picked for the squad). I think today was a little rough on her (she didn't get home from her lax game until late last night). She's a trouper though. She really pushes herself. Please say a little prayer for her tonight (and her friends: Katie and the Other T; I'd love for them to all make the squad!).
Time for B-E-D!!! No lax until Thursday. Plenty of time for me to work on my plays, figure out my line-up, etc. No. Wait. That's Chris's job. Never mind!


Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Tracy said...

Hi! She is sooooo going to make the dance team, i know it. It was ridiculous that she didn't make it last year but you know what, she didn'tmiss anything, Kate hated dance team in 8th grade, said 7th was the best ever but 8th grade was awful. T is going to make it and so is the other T. I know it! Shannon will be very proud of her girls. I don't know Katie but I hope she makes it too. I forgot to tell you that the other day, Jack and some neighborhood boys were in my family room while i was on the phone and i noticed the lax sticks the boys were carrying but didn't think much of it. all of a sudden i looked up and a small ball was flying through the air at my head! seriously, its all chris's fault that lax is taking over central bama. haha. i could have been knocked out just as i was getting caught up on all the neighborhood drama. lol.

The Simpkins Fam said...

Sounds like LAX is a lot of fun to me! Go KJ being a tough little goalie she looks to cool! I agree with the other wife, kids need to experience the agony of defeat!!!! B/c in life "real life" you do NOT get the atta boy for every little thing. I need to start writing editorials apparently I have a lot to rant about ;)!

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