Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ovaries, Schmovaries

So Chris & I spent the early part of this morning at the Emergency Room. Every thing's fine now; I feel much much better. They originally thought I may have had kidney stones but after the catscan showed nothing, they think I had an ovarian cyst that burst.

I was sleeping pretty good (which we all know is very, very rare for me). I woke up around 3:15 AM w/ really bad abdominal cramps/pain. Went in the bathroom and just about died. I couldn't even see straight the pain was so bad (I never actually went into labor w/ either of my girls so I can't compare it to having a baby; 2 scheduled c-sections for both girls). I crawled out to the hallway and laid on the cold hardwood floor. I was drenched in sweat and was doubled over in pain. My stomach was hard as a rock and really swollen and bloated. I couldn't stop shaking. Chris heard me moaning in the hallway and I told him something was really wrong. This wasn't a stomach bug or food poisoning. He called 911 and they took me to the hospital. Actually, a firetruck came down our street w/ light's a-flashing firsts (no sirens thank God!), then the ambulance came. I felt like such an ass strapped into the stretcher on my driveway. At the hospital, there was blood in my urine so they thought it was kidney stones. Had a catscan, no kidney stones. By this time I'm starting to feel much better and can actually breathe normally. They did some blood work (no, I'm not pregnant!) and my white count is a little high and my pancreatic enzymes are elevated as well. So, they think it was an ovarian cyst that burst. I feel a a thousand times better than I did at 3:15 this morning. I'm still a little sore and tender (feels like menstrual cramps) so I'm just taking it easy today. They said to come back in if I start to feel pain again or run a fever and I have to follow-up w/ my OB-GYN.

Seriously folks. Nothing but fun & games in this household.


Unknown said...

i know those are sooo painful! i had one that ruptured around thanksgiving. i usually have a little pain during ovulation, nothing too bad and this time, it just kept hurting and hurting. i had to sit down and sort of breath like i was in labor. weird. mine wasn't anything like yours but i have friends that experienced ruptured cysts like that. ouch! i'm glad you are fine. its hard being a woman!

Valerie said...

I couldn't believe how painful it was. I had one rupture in Cincinnati when T was 3 or 4 but it wasn't near as painful as this. I was drenched and breathing crazy. Once it burst I started feeling better immediately. I'm just a little tender but feel SO much better!

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

Crazy, I am so sorry!! I am glad you are feeling better and I am betting at the time it was kindof scary.....SO SORRY!!

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