Thursday, April 10, 2008

why can't it be Friday already?

Covered the class today while KJ's teacher attended a planning meeting. A couple of things: First, when I was checking in at the front desk the admin asst asked if my husband was the one who coaches the lacrosse team. She said she sees his name in the paper all the time and didn't realize he was KJ's dad. Another lady who I had never seen before was standing there and said there are several high school boys in her neighborhood who are always throwing around in their front yards. I told the ladies to come out to the high school on Sunday to see Auburn and Alabama play each other.

Secondly, I hate half the kids in KJ's class. Ok. Hate is a strong word. Intensely dislike is a much better phrase. One child in particular is so smug, obnoxious and arrogant. I can not believe it. He lives in my neighborhood and looked right at me and told me today he doesn't have to listen to me. This is coming from a SECOND GRADER. His mother and I are not what you would call "friends" but if KJ ever spoke to his mother like that, I'd smack her (KJ, not his mother). He then tried to tell several other kids that they didn't have to listen to me. Trust me. I'm not strict or anything when I cover the class; I just want them to do the work the teacher left for us.

I have to get T in a few minutes off the carpool line. What a colossal waste of time. Thank god both my girls ride the school bus home. If I had to sit on that stupid carpool line each day, I'd loose my mind.

Wow. I just went back and re-read this post. I sound very cranky and nasty. Sorry!


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

It is okay to be cranky, isn't an odd feeling for a child to spin you in such a direction!!!!!! No respect, I tell ya! Glad to hear Buddy the crawfish is living in the wild he sure had a strong will to live!

Unknown said...

am so cracking up about buddy the crawfish. haha. love it! also, you know it takes a lot of work to look this good! ha, does that sounds familiar and i don't have to listen to you either! did i get it right? the obnoxious child in kj's class. how annoying. seriously. i love the count down too. i thought you had one for cabo? also, tell t good luck tomorrow. she is going to rock!

Unknown said...

footnote about our car pool lines at the elementary school and middle school. they are crazy. there is a mother in my neighborhood, whom i really like that car pools her children to and from school b/c "they don't like riding the bus" what in the world? seriously. deal with it! that is why it is so backed up on our rodes in the a.m.again, annoying.

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