Sunday, April 20, 2008

Today's Theme: Adirondack Chairs

Another wonderful day! We got a lot of yard work done today and we also took the disgusting beer fridge outside and cleaned it all out. We basically power-washed the crap out of it. There was all sorts of gross stuff growing in there, spilled soda/juice boxes and lots of unidentifiable stuff.

Last night I took a wonderful bubble bath and really relaxed. I didn't even bother to set my alarm this morning and Chris & KJ let me sleep a little bit. Chris took KJ to church/Sunday school. We picked her up and ran down to Home Depot to buy some flowers. We bought some nice stuff: geraniums for the front porch, sebedum (spelling?), some impatients for the side yard, etc.

I took KJ & Evvy to Scouts, Ann will pick them up. I've got a nice big juicy steak to throw on the grill this afternoon. I'm also baking an apple pie right now. OK. It was one of those Mrs. Smith's frozen ones but they're still delish. T just called; she's still in ATL. Sounds like a lot of volleyball yesterday, lots of shopping today. She's also stuffed up/congested again. Seems like everytime she goes away w/ ME she gets sick. Must be ME cooties.

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Anonymous said...

we think she may be allergic to us! shucks! Sorry we got home so late. I just couldn't pass Copelands w/out having their fried pasta.....yummmmm..Don't you just love her jacket???!!!

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