Saturday, April 26, 2008

My neice who shall not be named has done it again!

My brother called me this afternoon on his way home from the ER. My little neice broke her little arm today. They were all outside doing yard work, said it was time to come in, she took off running and hit the wall. Literally. She hit the low rock wall in the garden. She had a knot on her forehead right above her eyebrow so originally they thought she just hit her head. Called the pediatrician, he said to keep an eye on her, don't let her sleep too much. She fell asleep on the living room floor during lunch but when she woke up there was definately something wrong w/ her left arm. Took her to the ER, did some x-rays, sure enough, 2 bones above her wrist are broken. She's in a splint now but has to go back Monday to have the arm set.
She needs to roll herself in bubblewrap and call it a day. She won't be 2 until August and today was her 3rd trip to the ER. She fell on the bathroom floor and chipped her tooth when she hit the side of the bathtub w/ her mouth and another time she hit her head doing something; I can't remember exactly what. I think part of the problem is the kid just doesn't listen. I talked to my brother last night for a while and we even joked about it then. He said she looks right at you, shakes her head 3 times and says "No" really fast! I told Steve maybe they need to move a little closer to the hospital to cut down on drive time.


Unknown said...

ha, that is hysterical. your poor niece. i am so loving the kid rock song! i haven't heard it on the q at all. i wonder why they aren't playing it?

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

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