Wednesday, April 2, 2008

To lax or not to lax?

Happiness is an inside job --William Arthur Ward

T has a 6:30 PM lax game tonight and KJ & I are debating whether or not to go.
Chris took her a little early so he could line the field for the girls.

KJ & I had dentist appointments today. They looked at her chipped front tooth and we decided to give a composite a try. We'll wait until after school lets out. I can't fit another thing in our already busy schedule.

Very nice & warm here today. KJ is outside blowing bubbles off the deck. I have windows open. The only problem is all the pollen. I feel like everything is covered in a fine coating of yellow gunk. I have got to get a cleaning lady in here. Tracy & I go back and forth on this: Tracy needs someone to do the little things (i.e., dustboards, etc.). I need someone to clean my bathrooms. I don't need them to change the sheets on our beds or anything like that. If I can get my bathrooms cleaned, I can do the rest. I think I want someone to come in and do a good thorough deep cleaning and I can take it from there. I also need to get my carpets cleaned before everyone comes for KJ's communion in May.

Chris has lax tomorrow (duh! what else is new??) and KJ has softball. Fortunately they're at the same sports complex.

Really looking foward to the weekend. KJ is going to girl scout camp and one of T's friends asked her to go to Nashville (or was it Knoxville) for a soccer tournament. Both kids out of the house??? Unheard of!!! Wouldn't that be the bomb? Not having to drive somebody somewhere!!!


monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

A free weekend....YOU SUCK!!!!! HA! Just kidding, I am just green with envy! Josh is out of town till Saturday least I have all the bed to myself! ;)!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your weekend!!!!!! You know my friend has a cleaning service. Give me a call & I'll give you her # if you want it. You can talk to her about what you want. She does mine every other week. I just couldn't keep up with it anymore.

Unknown said...

Your weekend sounds glorious. I can't imagine not driving someone some where. I'm so used to driving, I really don't mind it anymore. Am loving the pictures of KJ in the back yard, those are precious! So sweet and innocent. Definitely let me know about the cleaning service or lady or aliens, I don't care! haha.

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