Friday, April 11, 2008

Finally Friday!

yay! it's Friday! Dance team try-outs this afternoon; keep your fingers crossed! T has the dance down pretty good; she just needs to work on her facial expressions. She concentrates very hard on what she's doing and sometimes it looks like she's angry or something.

KJ is on a field trip today (w/ Joe!) to see If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. I think Monday is another field trip to Oak Mt. and I'm going w/ the class to see High School Musical on Ice on April 23 (cuz' we're all in this together). April sounds like a ton of fun at the elementary school.

No games tonight, no nothing. Yay! I think Chris might have men's practice but maybe it will start raining before then! Saturday is going to be busy: both girls have softball team pics and both girls have softball games. KJ has lax practice later in the afternoon but don't know if her softball game will be over in time.

Big lax doings on Sunday. JV & Varsity play our biggest rivals and afterward Auburn and Alabama will play. During half-time of one of the games the Little Lizards will be play an exhibition game. The weather is supposed to be much cooler on Sunday; hopefully I can sell some of these hoodie sweatshirts!

I slept pretty good last night but I'm still waking up exhausted. Like I haven't had enough sleep. Chris & the girls were very quiet this morning and let me sleep a little longer. He's so good about getting the girls going in the morning. T is fairly self-suffiecent and wakes up really well (always has; even when she was in Kindergarten). The little one is a whole 'nother ball game. I don't know if it's because she's the baby of the family or what but everything is a major production w/ her.

My big bottle of Tide is calling my name.

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