Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lucked out again

Y'all know how crazy my Tuesday nights are: KJ dance from 4 to 5:30; T dance from 6:30 - 8:45 PM. Sometimes there's a softball game/practice or 2 thrown in there for good measure and most nights Coach has lax games. Well, in anticipation of bad weather, everyone's lax games and softball games were cancelled! yay!!! We ended up having a nice family night. T & I drooped KJ off at dance and then the 2 of us walked around the new Ulta store in Patton Creek (we both agree we like Sephora better). We picked KJ up @ dance and then Chris met us for our weekly Tuesday night dinner at our favorite little Italian place. Dropped T off at dance, threw KJ in the tub and Chris & I have just been maxing and relaxing. Time to pick up T-bone.

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Unknown said...

our tuesdays are busy too but your's are def. busier. kate is taking the ballet tech class after her jazz class on tues so joe and i went to michaels and then to the library, food world, and little ceasers. joe asks every week if we can go to little ceasers so i finally said yes last night and it wasn't bad. love easy breezy dinners.

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