Monday, July 7, 2008

Another Goody from

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. --- Birmingham’s shot spotter system detected 414 gunshots from July 4-6, according to Sgt. Carolyn Lavender with Birmingham’s dispatch center.
Sergeant Lavender told NBC13 HD there were a total of 4,326 shot spotter detections, but most of them were related to fireworks.
On the July 4th itself she said there were only 24 gunshots picked up by the system.
Sergeant Lavender added that the 400+ gunshots detected over the holiday weekend were more twice as many as a normal weekend.

I like the part of this article where Sergeant Lavendar says that there were "only" 24 gunshots on 4th of July. Only? Are you serious??? Isn't that like 23 too many shots??? She also goes on to say that the 400+ detected gunshots were twice as many as a normal weekend. WTF goes on in B'ham, anyway???? No offense, but these statistics are LA numbers -- Compton or Watts gang violence.

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