Monday, July 21, 2008

Brooke Hogan

“You know what? I am actually not that much into voting. I think it’s kinda crazy that a woman is running, because I think that women deal with a lot of emotions and menopause and PMS and stuff. Like, I’m so moody all the time, I know I couldn’t be able to run a country, ‘cause I’d be crying one day and yelling at people the next day, ya know?”-- Brooke Hogan on voting.
WOW. I am totally speechless. What a flaming idiot. This dumb-ass has a reality show, a dad who is dating a woman half his age who looks just like his teenage daughter (and his ex-wife), she has a brother in jail for leaving his best friend in a vegetative state and her mother is dating a 19-year old. With a family as dysfunctional as the Hogans, it's no wonder she's "not that much into voting."

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