Thursday, July 24, 2008

(dis)Orientation and Registration

T had to be @ the Freshman Center by 8:30 this morning for Freshman Orientation. That child hasn't that side of 8 AM since God knows when. But, she did get up, shower and Chris took her to school. I guess they'll take the kids around the new FC, let them walk their schedules, maybe meet their teachers, etc. I know they are having pizza for lunch.

I'll pick her up @ 2:30 PM and take her to registration at the senior campus. She'll get her yearbook photo taken, pay all her fees, etc. Margaret is going to help me out w/ KJ while I'm at registration. I have no idea how long it will take and w/ all the confusion, I don't need KJ telling me she's bored.

Yesterday I somehow had to keep GeeDubya (GW) for the afternoon. Her mom had to go out of town to take care of her mother in FL but said she had a friend lined up to watch both kids all week. Well, the friend calls yesterday and says, "I've had the kids all week (ummm, it was Wednesday AM, hardly ALL week) so what time are you picking Lauren -aka GW- up?" My response was, "Who is this?" She was under the impression I had volunteered to take the 2 kids the remainder of the week when what I had very clearly told Jo was that I could help out in the event of an emergency Tuesday or Wednesday during the day. So, I did the right thing, picked the kid up, let her play for a while and took her back to this ladies house. Holy miscommunication Batman.

Austin came over last night and hung out w/ T and watched some movies. He's a nice boy. When Magster was over here playing yesterday she told T she didn't want to go home yet. She wanted to meet Austin 'cuz KJ said he's cute. Considering that KJ makes fun of all of T's boyfriends, that's pretty impressive.

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