Sunday, July 6, 2008

Please don't eat the Marshmallows

Don't know where she heard of it or where she saw one, but KJ has been bugging us for a marshmallow shooter for several months now. She's been relentless. She would wake up in the morning and ask, "today can we look for a marshmallow gun?" So this afternoon, Chris drove her all over creation looking for a marshmallow gun. They went to the Smith's Variety in Mt. Brook (closed on Sunday). They drove to the Homewood Toy Store (closed on Sunday). Next door was the other Smith's Variety store (also closed on Sunday). They went to the Toys R Us in Hoover. No such luck. I met them at the mall for lunch (I was buying new sunglasses -- mine broke Friday afternoon) and we went to KB Toys at the mall. Nothing. To take her mind off the marshmallow gun I offered to take her to the movies to see Kit Kitteredge. We missed the 4:10 PM movie by 10 minutes and the next one wasn't starting until 7:05 PM. Too long to wander around Patton Creek. I thought we'd try Learning Express as we were driving out of the shopping center and lo and behold! Not only marshmallow guns, but marshmallow bows & arrows, too! Stupid thing costs $30 and of course we had to stop at Wal-Mart on the way home and buy 2 bags of marshmallows! They've been out on the driveway shooting the marshmallows straight up in the air trying to catch them in their mouths (by "they" I mean Chris & KJ, who else????).


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j said...

Funny! You can make the damn things for $1...I bought them at Christmas Village (for more than $1) & gave to all the neighborhood boys. Doesn't last long! lol

Tracy said...

that is hysterical! my boys have been bugging me for one. jack saw one at the toy store in homewood. i told joe he was going to have to wait til christmas. ha, we have about 10 air soft guns and i thinkn they're all broken.

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