Thursday, July 10, 2008

Toothbrushes and Vera (as in Bradley)

We didn't find anything even remotely exciting in KJ's closet this afternoon but we did find 4 toothbrushes in 4 different overnight bags. I think the child gets a fresh toothbrush each time she sleeps over a friend's house.

Took T to dance and picked up the Magster and a pizza on our way home. I've already warned the girls that it took us 2 days to clean KJ's room and they better not make a mess up there or else! ("Or else" what I'm not exactly sure but I'll think of something!)

So I just rec'd a Vera Bradley catalog in today's mail and I'm totally in love w/ the new Puccini pattern (see picture). I can just hear my husband's voice now "you need a new bag like you need a hole in your head." However, I use my Capri Melon from last season as my "spring/summer" travel bags and I would like the new Puccini pattern as my "fall/winter" travel bags. I really like this weekender bag. I also like having the ditty bag (lined w/ plastic -- great for wet bathing suits, shampoo or other things that might spill, etc.). I'd also like the travel cosmetic case and the hanging organizer if any one needs gift ideas for my upcoming b-day (just a mere 75 days away) and/or Christmas. If I was still working @ the playschool I'd like to have the lunch tote but since I'm not there anymore and eat my lunch at home, I really don't need one. The clip zip ID is cute, too.
I can't believe the kids have 4 weeks (from today) left of summer. KJ bought a new school bag this weekend. She wanted a messenger bag rather than a backpack this year and found one she liked at Limited Too. We also bought 2 t-shirts to wear to school. I am totally DREADING school shopping w/ T this year. I'm telling you right now, I need a couple shots of tequila under my belt before I take her shopping or Chris can go w/ her. She's SO hard to buy for on a good day, clothes shopping for freshmen year is going to be a NIGHTMARE.

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Unknown said...

kate and jack are both saying that it is time to go shopping. nope, not yet. i just can't! i mean seriously, its only july!! i feel like we just got out of school. didn't we just get out? ahh!

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