Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Oy!!! My aching head!

Woke up this morning w/ a really bad headache and haven't been able to shake it all day. I think it's the pressure system that moved in this afternoon. Seriously. Among my many other talents, I can predict the weather with my head.

Took T over to a friend's house this afternoon. They went to the pool but it started to storm on them. KJ had hip-hop this evening and really seemed to enjoy it. I picked T up on the way to KJ's dance class and we went to the bookstore during our hour to spare. Hey, when one of my kids actually ASKS to go to the bookstore, we go! She really likes a certain series of books and they came out w/ a special summer series. Every one's been positively raving about these "Twilight" books so I bought the first one. From what I hear it's about a teen-age girl who falls in love w/ a vampire. Not sure if I'm gonna like this book but I'll keep an open mind. On our way home from dance class we picked up the Magster and a pizza.
T asked me tonight if Austin could come over tomorrow night and watch a movie. First time she's ever asked that. Hmmmm......

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