Tuesday, July 8, 2008

lots to do today

I've got a lot to do today, some banking, mail some stuff for Chris, and a lot of laundry. I just haven't been very motivated to do anything lately. It's really hot out and I hate leaving the house. I'm such a homebody (that's HOMEBODY, not HOMIE).
I've got to take T & Katie to dance tonight and then I promised KJ I'd take her to see the new American Girl movie. Kit is my favorite American Girl. We bought T the doll the Christmas we moved here from Cincinnati (that's where Kit's from!). I know she's just a doll but I like her the best out of all the American Girls. I think for KJ's b-day in October we'll get Wicked tixs at the Fox theater in ATL, spend the night and take her to the American Girl store the next day (she's been to the one in NYC and is just dying to go to the one in ATL). She's not getting another American Girl doll but maybe we can do tea or something.

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