Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Day After

A bunch of girls slept over last night. Not really sure who's here. I went to bed around 11 PM and I heard them come in at 11:30 PM. They were hanging out on the deck and were surprisingly quiet.

It's been hot here but not humid; very pleasant. I'm sure the girls will wake up and go to the pool. KJ is going to Maggie's pool this afternoon and is very excited. If I can get everyone out of the house, I can get some work done.

So what's up w/ the Maddona divorce drama? I've always liked her husband Guy Ritchie. I think he's one of the few men who can handle her (even though he's a couple years younger than her). Also, what's up w/ Brangelina? No babies yet?

Watched a couple of John & Kate Plus 8 shows last night that I had TiVo'd. I'm not trying to be bitchy but I realized last night that Kate has a lot of help raising her family. Again, I'm not saying she doesn't deserve it or need it. On one of the shows I watched last night, she discusses laundry. She said she usually does her laundry on Tuesday & Wednesday because the lady comes in Thursday and folds it (approximately 8 loads) and Thursday night a different lady (maybe a night-time nanny??) puts it away. Now, we all know how much I hate laundry and how much I would love to have someone fold my laundry and put it away. And anyway, 8 loads a week for 10 people?? I do 8 loads a week for a family of 4 (during the height of lacrosse and softball season I'm sure it's more!).

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