Friday, July 18, 2008


wow. I haven't blogged in a couple of days. seems to have lost it's appeal lately. it was something I've enjoyed immensely but a certain someone has sort of sucked the life out of it.

had fun w/ the ladies last night at the pool; good pizza and good company. I definately need to get out more and talk w/ normal people. my friend Laura just got a facebook which is really funny. she's not sure yet what's she's doing and is somehow friends w/ one of Tracy's baby sister's friends from school somewhere out in the mid-west. it will be weird not working w/ everyone this fall when they go back to school but I told them I would definately sub.

T's boyfriend's b-day is this weekend and she is at a total loss as to what to buy him for a gift. he bought her a very nice necklace for her b-day (she wears it 24/7).

KJ is up; T is still sleeping. probably just go to the pool today and relax for a while.


Unknown said...

hi. ok, who is sucking the life out of you? :( also, sooo funny with laura having a facebook. haha. i love her. the pool was fun the other night. let's do it again. i will for sure call you to sub this year. :) i'm going to miss you not being up there even though we worked on opposite days. have fun today and keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

haha, am i the one sucking the fun out of it. because i say you have a mjor case of OBD! [[obsessive blogging disorder]] hahaha!

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