Saturday, July 5, 2008


Had a really nice 4th. Randy invited us to the LAH office in Homewood to watch Thunder on the Mountain. What a perfect location. LAH closes their parking lot to vehicular traffic and everyone brings lawn chairs and blankets. They had refreshments and a couple of guys w/ guitars playing some tunes. At 9 PM they broadcast the simulcast over the speakers and we had the most amazing view of the fireworks over Vulcan.

The girls had a good time walking around Homewood and we even ran into some people we knew! The nurse from KJ's school yelled her name as we were walking around and we saw Kathy D and her family. Kathy and Chris worked together @ ADT many moons ago. I had never been to downtown Homewood before and saw some shops and restaurants I'd like to check out.
KJ had a bit of a rough time last night. A family at the fireworks had some beagle puppies in a basket they were trying to sell. Of course she kept checking on the puppies all night and wanted her daddy to buy her one. The puppies reminded her of Buddy and she cried a lot last night. She said the house feels really empty w/out Buddy. It was really weird because right before we were leaving to go to Homewood, I thought of Buddy and how he hated fireworks and ran away on New Year's Eve when the kids in our neighborhood were setting off some firecrackers.

Got home around 10:30 PM and I was wide awake. AMC was running all 4 Jaws movies back to back. I watch Jaws 2 and started to drift during Jaws 3D so I TiVo'd it. It's a raining, yucky Saturday morning (my kind of day!!) so I'm siting here watch Jaws 3D. Very cheesy. I do have some 3D glasses somewhere. Maybe it's better w/ the glasses on.

Chris got up early this morning and got KJ & I bagels at Panera. We dropped T off at Katie's house last night on our way home. I swear, that child never stays home.

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Tracy said...

hi. first of all, i cannot believe last night was your first time in downtown homewood! i love that place! second of all, i'm so sad about buddy and the puppies. :( and third of all, we never see kate either! haven't seen her for almost 2 days now b/c she didn't go to the lake with us. she is coming home tonight. :) thanks for the birthday wishes!

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