Friday, July 11, 2008

TGIF & Pool

Just spent a couple hours at the pool w/ T, KJ & Magster. At first we were the only ones there, then a bunch of teenagers showed up but then left fairly quickly, then a bunch of kids showed up and the girls played the "movie" game at the pool and T played basketball w/ the boys.

Chris is home from Chicago. He went to a baseball game at Wrigley Field while he was out there and had an incredible time. He's not a big baseball fan but said the experience was phenomenal. He said they had awesome seats and there's nothing like seeing a game at Wrigley Field. I think it also helped that they were playing the Cincinnati Reds and Chris always says, "that's my team."

I heard some disturbing news at the pool today but I guess I shouldn't be too shocked. I kind of had an idea it was coming. I heard that one half of our neighbors moved out. I knew they had been having "problems" but didn't realize it had gotten to that point. She's a bit of a drama queen in my opinion so I just chalked a lot of it up to over-reaction and attention getting. Chris & I are entering our 40's and we've had several friends in the last year or so go thru seperations/divorces. Some we never saw coming, a couple we were surprised they lasted as long as they did. I think everyone goes thru a rough patch every once in a while and yes Chris drives me absolutely insane sometimes. However, I know he can easily say the same thing about me. Is it bad enough to seperate or divorce? No. Crying out loud. Chris's nightly snoring is enough to send me over the edge but I'm still here.

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