Tuesday, July 22, 2008

St. Thomas

just found out the date we need to be in St. Thomas: Saturday, March 14, 2009. Usually the company flies us in on a Sunday but I think they want all the presenters in a day early so they don't have to be pulled away from all the fun to rehearse for the awards ceremony. St. Thomas was our favorite stop on the cruise. We had a great day walking around downtown, had lunch and hurricanes at the Hard Rock (which closed a week later) and in the afternoon we took a catamaran out to a island and snorkled. The island was very lush, very green, very tropical. We didn't like St. Maarten as much; it was kind of dry and desert like.
Registered KJ for 3rd grade yesterday. I got there right at 4 PM and didn't have a wait. The only thing that annoyed me was the parents who didn't bring a copy of their deed -- the rest of us who were prepared and had copies had to wait while the volunteer went to the copy machine and held up the rest of us. They should have had 2 lines: one for people who know how to read and came prepared w/ copies of their deed and their utility bill and one line for people who were not prepared. We picked up our school supplies and made sure they had the proper information for the emergency telephone system.
After registration we ran over to the High School so T could be fitted for her pre-game costume. I can't keep up w/ this stuff. They have more costumes and uniforms than the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Pre-game, game day, half-time routine, practice gear, bags, shoes, false eyelashes, rhinestone earrings, etc. I wrote my last check for $275. T is officially a member of the freshmen dance team.
We met Chris at the Iguana Grill for dinner and margaritas (mango is my favorite). Not much to do today. KJ starts her hip-hop class tonight. I think she'll really enjoy it!

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