Saturday, August 2, 2008

All Shopped Out

Yes, we were out today participating in the madness known as Tax Free Weekend. Since all of the boys who work at the store are in ATL w/ Chris for an all-star tournament, I had to hold down the fort. I made the girls come w/ me to keep me company and we closed up shop an hour early. We hit Justice (which was horrifying! Thank God T was w/ us because she held our place in line while KJ & I were still in the dressing room!). KJ got some capri pants (which she can wear until late October down here!), an iCarly t-shirt, a Jonas Brothers t-shirt, and a new pair of jammies. We went to the mall which really wasn't too bad. T bought a pair of skinny jeans in Macy's, 2 cute jackets and some other things at Forever 21, a new backpack and some other stuff I really can't remember. She couldn't find a thing at Belk's and she's still searching for shoes. She didn't find a single appropriate shoe at DSW, Macy's or Belk's. Everything looked like an old lady shoe or a stripper shoe. KJ also got some t-shirts at Limited Too.

I ordered Wicked tickets for me and kJ in Atlanta in October. What a freakin' fiasco. I'm so mad at myself. I should have ordered them when I was on-line late last night. I'm not thrilled w/ our seats but it was the best available for a Sunday matinee. Apparently I already had an account w/ Ticketmaster but couldn't remember the password. So, they sent an notice to my e-mail account. Which normally would have been fine but I was at store and we've been having problems w/ the Internet lines. So, every time I tried to order tickets via Ticketmaster, they kept telling me my password was wrong, I'd have to check my e-mail for the new password, but then the Ticketmaster thingy timed out and I'd loose the good seats I just had! Very, very frustrating. It didn't help that customer's kept coming in. I should have put a CLOSED sign on the door until I got the tickets ordered!

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Tracy said...

as you know, kate and i shopped on friday evening. some how the shopping gods were with us b/c she found a lot of things at tjmaxx!! i was soo happy. that never happens. we will probably have to do one more shopping trip but i don't think it will be too bad. i even found things for jack. whoo hoo!

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