Saturday, August 30, 2008

hot sweaty slimey friday night

Lots of fun last night at the football game. Tailgated w/ Rick & Tracy pre-game and had fun in the stands checking everyone out! I love seeing all the kids and chatting w/ the parents. Obviously, I don't watch much of the game, I'm more of a people watcher. I consider myself a "social" football game attendee. I was paying attention when Justin made the first touchdown. Dang, that boy can run! Looked like Justin was back to his usual perky athletic self last night!

Picture of KJ and the Buccaneer, our neighbor! He takes his job very, very seriuosly!

T had a little meltdown prior to game time. She had originally asked me to meet her at the High School around 4:30 to bring her costume and help her w/ her make-up. She called the house around 4:15 in a total panic and told Chris she was the only one not dressed yet. In the e-mail from the dance team instructor, she had to be ready by 6 PM, pre-game would start @ 6:30 PM, Kick-off @ 7 PM. So I rushed down to the High School, she met me in the parking lot, grabbed her bag and disappeared for half an hour while I stood in the dance room wondering where the heck she went. I don't know if she was nervous or PMS-ing or what but she was a wee-bit bitchy. She did a great job during pre-game, no prancing this week however.

Here's a picture of KJ in the t-shirt we made. She told me last night Mrs. Julie told her she liked her shirt every time she saw her. Wonder if Mrs. Julie knows how "craft challenged" I am and forgot to take the adhesive off the letters before I ironed them on!


Tracy said...

game was fun even though it was a bit yucky outside. you know i love watching everyone too! so fun. :)

monkeyseemonkeydontdo said...

That yuck outside is what my house feels like!!!!!! looks like you guys had a lot of fun and T looks great in her costume! Great job on the shirt too.

J said...

Yes I do & Yes I did tell her everytime! & Everytime she'd tell me her mom made it! Proud she was! HAHA
Glad you girls was too damn hot for me & the sick person was the end for me! LOL

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